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I Believe...

Moving on Climate

Amtrak is making significant progress in reducing fuel use through anti-idling practices for locomotives, installation of automatic start/stop technology that also limits idling of locomotives, aerodynamic improvements of rolling stock that reduce “drag,” improved engineer training for more fuel-efficient locomotive operations, and emerging green technology. For example, Amtrak has equipped 80 percent of the Northeast Corridor locomotive fleet with regenerative brakes, which can return up to 8 percent of the power they use back to the electrical grid. A regenerative brake is a device used for energy recovery during a locomotive’s deceleration process and converts some of the kinetic energy back into useable energy instead of dissipating it as heat.

I Believe...

"We believe business has a responsibility -- not only to be a part of meaningful climate solutions, but also to communicate their efforts transparently to stakeholders. We're honored to be among the charter companies for Climate Counts' Industry Innovators project because we believe it seeks to establish corporate environmental accountability which leads, importantly, to climate action."

-Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland

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