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Climate Action by Example

REI strives to run its business in ways that help ensure there is an outdoors to enjoy. The co-op assesses its climate impact to better identify and address strengths and opportunities. For example, REI has invested in over 860 kilowatts of on-site energy generation – solar electronic systems, solar hot water heaters and building-integrated photovoltaics – because it provides carbon-free energy and financial benefit to REI. Examining its carbon footprint allows REI to identify reductions and costs savings and helps the co-op plan for a future that includes constraints on resources like fossil fuels, energy and water. REI’s climate successes are achieved via industry collaboration to drive innovation and represent one element of the co-op’s stewardship effort to protect natural spaces and help people to get active in the outdoors.

I Believe...

"At Clif Bar & Company, addressing global warming has always been a top priority in our sustainability program. As a company run by people who love the outdoors, global warming threatens the places we care about most deeply.

-Gary Erickson, Founder and Co-owner, Clif Bar & Company

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