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An estimated 96% of Timberland's carbon footprint comes from businesses it doesn't own. It is associated with the emissions embedded in its raw materials and produced by its partner factories and carriers. One way of influencing its indirect footprint is by measuring the lifecycle climate impact of its products and providing product designers/developers and consumers with that information so they can make more informed choices that lead to lower carbon products. Timberland seeks to do this with its Green Index. More recently the company developed a carbon toolkit and carbon management expertise within its own Code of Conduct team to help suppliers evaluate and reduce their climate impact. Through this outreach Timberland will introduce the Climate Counts scorecard to its suppliers in 2010.

I Believe...

"Amtrak agreed to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions from diesel locomotives by 6 percent from 2003 to 2010 (1998-2001 baseline) as a charter member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). We are meeting this reduction schedule and learned how to use some newer engine technologies and operating practices to make (and exceed) our reduction commitment. There are now ongoing initiatives at Amtrak to trial alternative fuels, use wind and solar energy for signal and yard operations and purchase new, even more efficient, locomotives."

-Roy Deitchman, Vice President of EHS of Amtrak

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