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I Believe...

Action By Example

In the fall of 2008, Ben & Jerry’s began running trials in the Boston and DC areas on freezers that do not use HFCs, some of the potent contributors to global climate change (3,200 times the impact of carbon dioxide). These hydrocarbon (HC) freezers are being reviewed by the US EPA for approval for widespread commercial use. Ben & Jerry’s hopes HC freezers become the standard in the United States, since typical freezers leaking even small amounts of F-gases like HFCs can be a huge part of the problem. Ben & Jerry’s HC freezers are just as effective at cooling a freezer as HFCs and 10% more energy efficient.

I Believe...

"We believe business has a responsibility -- not only to be a part of meaningful climate solutions, but also to communicate their efforts transparently to stakeholders. We're honored to be among the charter companies for Climate Counts' Industry Innovators project because we believe it seeks to establish corporate environmental accountability which leads, importantly, to climate action."

-Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland

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